Tips to spend these moments at home


We always think of your crops, today we think of you.

The emergence of the coronavirus has suddenly changed everyone’s life. Social distancing and other measures can last for several weeks. For this we have turned to a member of the family, the Psychologist Verónica Orrico, who gives us some recommendations to face this situation in the best possible way.

The coronavirus has forced us to change our daily routine: we confine ourselves at home, we avoid social / work meetings and we take extreme cleaning measures. Maintaining good mental health in these circumstances is a great challenge. Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid overexposure to the news. Pick a time of day to inform yourself and look for reliable sources.
  • It is normal for feelings of fear, sadness, anger, confusion to appear, we can open up and make space for them.
  • Treating each other with kindness and understanding, just as we would treat someone we love, will calm and comfort us.
  • Try to maintain routines as a family by organizing the use of time together: time from telework, home school, games, exercise, shared tasks.
  • In new situations it is normal for our minds to get lost in worries or assumptions, turning over the issues over and over again. When you find yourself ruminating or anticipating the future, you can bring your mind back to the present again and again, to what is happening here and now. This is not easy at first, mindful breathing exercises and meditation are very useful.
  • Follow closely the screens of your children, it is important that they maintain virtual contact with their friends, but knowing that the information that circulates on the networks is not always reliable.
  • Take advantage of free time. You can re-bond, spend more time with your children, start a rewarding activity that you have put off, learn something new. There are interesting proposals on the site

  • This is a good time to put into practice values such as solidarity and empathy, communicate with other people, help and feel part of a group.
  • Remember that the human race survived and spread across the planet thanks to cooperation, not individualism. Ask yourself if what you are doing is helping you or others.
  • Taking care of each other we will succeed.

We are with you

Lic. Psic. Verónica Orrico

For concerns you can contact +598 99129104